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December 16, 2016

Create a Brilliant Look in the Kitchen with the Microwave in Microwave Stand


It is interesting to walk into a home and see an old 1980’s microwave sitting on a countertop in the home of elders. Like walking through a time portal in a science fiction movie. Even with the brilliant modern designs with smart microwave capabilities are still more of a visual obstruction in the design flow of an environment. Though a kitchen is supposed to be adorned with objects which assist the process of cooking the best meals possible. Perhaps that is why the microwave on the high-end, granite countertop, amidst tools of preparation for fine dining, appears out of place as it is not known for its ability to manifest finer cuisine.

Good news for kitchen designers is the, a frequently unconsidered piece of furniture is quite back in style and it is easy to see why when visiting one of the websites selling them for function and home d├ęcor renovations. Often not seen in stores, finer stands for microwaves remain a functionally attractive addition to any environment, even a kitchen.

microwave stand

Myriad colors and designs will be found among sizes and patterns aplenty so, without a doubt, you can find the match for your kitchen. It really looks a bit like a bookshelf in many ways. In fact, a common feature with many of these stands is one or two shelves above the main area and horizontal surface where the microwave sits. Anything could be placed there. Objects such as books may appear odd above a microwave. Does it, actually or does it depend on the book?

The whole idea is practical and aesthetically pleasing furniture which helps clear any clutter. It just so happens that microwave stands truly do stand out as the iconic housing and protector of this nuclear cooking device we have all come to know and love in its glory of tremendous speed and exceptional cooking.